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Our services extend from analysis through deployment. We take the time to understand your requirements. Integration of applications and services requires deep as well as broad expertise in technologies, processes, and controls. We pay attention to your ideas, delve into your concerns, and think about every aspect of the problem - from the underlying business processes to the importance of change management and to the merits of various technologies. Then we craft unique solutions that move your business forward and yield a measurable return on investment.

Cloud Strategy

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BizCloud can help customers operationalize their Cloud strategy by creating the right team of resources and experts depending on specific Cloud Computing needs, whether it pertains to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Business applications (Saas), Developer services (PaaS) or simply helping you undertand your needs based on Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds. 


  • Strategic Realization – Establish Scope and Approach, Help setting up Strategic Vision and Identify and Prioritize Capabilities.

  • Cloud Valuation – Profile Capabilities and Recommend Deployment Patterns.

  • Business Transformation Planning – Define and Prioritize Opportunities & Define and Operationalize Business Transformation Roadmap.

Information Lifecycle Management

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Our Data Profiling Suite helps large organizations create a comprehensive inventory of their data and information assets.

Data powers business processes. It contains valuable insights and opportunities that often go unrealized. By exploring, integrating, and utilizing data, enterprises can establish new business models, optimize costs and improve Customer Experience.

BizCloud along with our partnership with Global ID leverages its experience and expertise in solving the issues with a simplistic approach of T3A (Transparency, Traceability, Trust, Analytics)


  • Data Profiling and Discovery ensures providing “Transparency”.

  • The Data Profiling Suite helps organizations reverse engineer their data assets and maintain an up-to-date inventory of all data assets from across the data ecosystem.

  • Similarly, we have Data Classification and Data Lineage which helps to define “ Traceability.”

  • Trust is established through Data Quality and Data Governance.

  • Analytics help in getting better Insights through better Predictability.

  • Along all the steps above, we have frameworks which leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.   

Customer Experience (CX)

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We partner with Customer Experience Catalysts  to be at the forefront of customer and employee experience, offering deep expertise in customer strategy, innovation and organizational alignment. We address the challenges you face with expertise on how you can drive execution - not just strategy. We work right alongside you to help you transform and give you the tools and resources to succeed.

Every organization is unique in its business and operational models and every organization is at a different point in their CX journey. We offer coaching, assessments & workshops that are practical and impactful.

  •  Journey Management

  • Design Thinking

  • Customer Intelligence

  • Employee Experience, Engagement, Enablement

  • Leadership and Organizational Alignment

  • Governance and Operational Change

  • Transformational Change Strategy

  • Front Line Engagement

CX - What and Why

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The best way to define customer experience is the impression you leave with your customer across every interaction resulting in how they think of your brand, how they behave with your brand. Multiple touch points factor into the customer experience and these touch points must be intentionally designed, be consistent and result in value for their life and for your brand. Brands needs to understand and intentional designs the customer journey, aligns with a brand’s vision and objectives

  • We customize each program through a highly collaborative process that involves the entire organization.   We help you embed new ways of working to deliver maximum business results.

  • We bring a wealth of ”been there” experience, know-how, and also innovative practices and methodologies.

  • Identify current state opportunities and future state goals to identify a customer experience strategic plan and value-based roadmap.

  • Begin a systematic culture shift for every employee.

  • Define organizational alignment opportunities into the rhythm of the organization to ensure we develop ongoing capabilities.

Data Analytics

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BizCloud experts can provide use of descriptive techniques and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge from data analysis. 

Using predictive analytics along with AI powered algorithms gives you the ability to react to events before they happen -  stop customer churn, prevent accidents, predict impact of medical treatments, improve customer insights, build products faster, or spot fraud. And imagine if analytics could help you to drive business innovation and open up totally new revenue streams to create products and offers you may not have contemplated.

  • Using neural networks of machine learning, multiple algorithms can be studied, combined and improved on to get the best possible data.

  • Prescriptive analytics can sort, analyze, learn from, and build on data more efficiently than a human mind.

  • ​Prescriptive analytics applies many layers of machine learning to suggest options for taking advantage of future opportunities or mitigating future risks and the potential outcomes of each decision option. Prescriptive analytics can optimize the processes and for a better future outcome.

Our Talented Team

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We believe people are the key assets of any organization and asset management is a critical component of success. 

We recruit, hire and retain the best consultants with a broad range of experience to match our customer's requirements. We screen our consultants for technical competency, collaborative style and effective communication. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals offers in-depth product knowledge and implementation experience to ensure rapid and successful deployment of your enterprise systems.


Always seeking:


  • Data Management Professionals

  • Data Scientists

  • Oracle/SQL DBA's

  • BigData/Business Analysts

  • Java/DotNet/ETL/C++ Developers

  • EPM, EIM, EBI Strategists


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